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Mumford Guitars matches a competitively priced service with attention to detail and care for your gear.

Current from Sept 2020

Prices are listed in Australian dollars. This price list constitutes a guide only, as all guitars may be assessed on a case-by-case basis depending on the wear and tear to the instrument.

*Please note:- These prices are workshop direct prices. Additional handling charges may apply when booking instruments in via a retail store.*

Prices listed are for labour only and do not include any parts or strings.

All parts supplied by Mumford Guitars are at Australian RRP, however we are happy for you to supply your own parts sourced from OS sources. 

Clients will be notified if unforeseen problems are likely to incur an additional charge.


Mumford Guitars Price List 2020

* Minimum Bench Charge $40.00

Might include: restring and clean, minor electronic repairs (e.g. replace output jack), other minor repairs

* Setup and Service from $80.00

Includes: Cleaning, fret polishing, truss rod adjustment, action adjustment; intonation, electronics check and full equipment test

Electric guitar (non-tremolo), acoustic guitar, classical guitar, mandolin, banjo, electric bass $80.00

12 String guitars (Acoustic or Electric) $90.00

Electric guitar with tremolo system (standard Strat, Jazzmaster/Jaguar or Bigsby equipped) $80.00

Locking tremolo system (Floyd Rose-style guitars) $100.00

* Hand-Cut Replacement Nut Installation & Setup $120.00

Includes: Installation of hand-cut bone, ‘Tusq’, or graphite nut, setup & service.
Hand cut Brass nuts available at extra cost.


* Hand-Cut Acoustic Guitar Saddle Installation & Setup $120.00

Includes: Installation of hand-cut saddle, setup & service.

* Acoustic Guitar hand cut nut + hand cut saddle installation & Setup $200.00

Includes: Installation of hand-cut bone, ‘Tusq’, or graphite nut, as well as hand-cut saddle, setup & service.

* Fret Dress & Setup $150.00

Includes: Fret Dress, Setup & service. Floyd Rose equipped Guitars - $180.00

* Full Re-fret 

Includes: Removal of frets, fingerboard restoration, installation of new frets, fret dress, and setup (does not include cost of frets or strings, expect to add around $65)

Unbound fingerboard (rosewood, ebony or maple) $450.00

Bound fingerboard (rosewood, ebony or maple) $450.00

Maple fingerboard $450 - with respray add an additional $150.00 - $250.00

* Partial Re-fret from $150.00

Includes: Removal and replacement of individual frets, fret dress and setup (parts extra - see above)

First fret $150.00

Each additional fret add $20.00

* Replacement Machine Heads Installation from $40.00

Installation only $40.00

Installation, filling old screw holes & touch up w/laquer $100.00

* Pick Up Installation – Acoustic from $100.00

Includes: Installation of pick up and endpin jack output socket.

Passive under saddle piezo $100.00

Active under saddle piezo with end-pin pre-amp $120.00

Under saddle piezo with side-mounted pre-amp $180.00

* Pick Up Installation – Electric from $70.00

NB: Installation price per pickup

Install $70.00

Install and modify pickguard $120.00

Install, with routing $150.00 min

Install, with routing and modify pickguard $200.00

* Custom Wiring from $80.00

e.g. Coil tap, series/parallel & phase reverse switching

v Pick up wax potting $70.00

* Peg Head Repair from $100.00

Basic repair only (no refinishing) from $100.00

Repair and finish POA

Repair, reinforce and finish POA

* Left-hand Conversion
Includes: Fill, re-routing of saddle slot. Requires new Nut and Saddle

Classical guitar from $40.00 (Basic left hand re-string)

Steel-string Acoustic guitar $300.00 (Fill and re-rout saddle slot, new Nut and Saddle

Electric guitar and bass POA

* Bridge Refit/Replacement

Includes: Removal; re-installation.

Acoustic and classical guitar $200.00

Electric guitar/bass (no modification to guitar body) $40.00

Electric guitar/bass (requires modification to guitar body) from $120.00

* Custom Pick Guards POA

* Acoustic Bracing from $70.00

Brace repair $70.00

Additional brace/s add $20.00/brace

* Amplifier, Analogue effects and speaker repairs from $80.00

Remove chassis & perform PCB/Tag board repairs, voltage & bias check - $80

General service, re-valve & set bias - $120 + Valves and parts

Full chassis rebuilds & restorations - POA


* Full Respray and or touch ups – N/A

 *Please note - due to a backlog of refinishing work and larger repair projects we are unable to book in any custom paint or refinishing work until further notice - we apologise for any inconvenience*


- 1968 Fender Strat - 'Relic' re-spray shown, guitar not for sale.


Also available (please call to discuss your individual needs)

* Install Floating Tremolo 

* Major structural repairs (e.g. cracks in body, neck reset)

* Truss rod repair/replacement

Not quite sure what's wrong? Call James on 0413 722 740 or email for an appointment to discuss your repair needs.

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