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The Mumford Guitars main workshop is now based outside of the Melbourne metro area in Warrnambool, Victoria. 

Repairs for the Melbourne area can be booked in at;

Terry Deans Guitars

5 Keilor Road


Ph; 93791890


Mon - Fri 10am - 5.30pm

Sat 10.30am - 3.30pm


All repairs for the Melbourne area are on a minimum 'Wednesday to Wednesday' 7 day turnaround.


Repairs need to be booked in by midday on a Wednesday and are available to be collected @ 1pm the following Wednesday.


Speak to the friendly staff in there and they'll look after you.

Mumford Guitars also does repairs for the following Melbourne retailers;

The Acoustic Centre - South Melbourne

*Please note repairs can be booked in at these stores but additional charges may apply.

All repairs are on a minimum 'Wednesday to Wednesday' 7 day turnaround, please specify Mumford Guitars when booking in your gear.

For more information or questions about Mumford Guitars products & services, please call or email:

Phone: 0413 722 740



Before and After

This 1958 Gibson ES-125 had a broken truss rod at the extreme end as well as a shattered dovetail...

Broken truss rod... 

Fingerboard off!

Broken dovetail - Nasty!

New dovetail grafted into heel,

New truss rod installed,

Fingerboard back on.

Neck set into place,

Looks a bit rough,

Bit of a touch up with Nitro..

Much better,

Looks just like the original.

Good as new!