font-family:">Mumford Guitars specializes in guitar & valve guitar amplifier repairs and services Albury/Wodonga and North Eastern Victoria. "/> font-family:">Mumford Guitars specializes in guitar & valve guitar amplifier repairs and services Albury/Wodonga and North Eastern Victoria. ">

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The Mumford Guitars main workshop is now based in Wodonga, Victoria. workshop is now based in Wodonga, Victoria. 


For more information or questions about Mumford Guitars products & services, please call or email:

Phone: 0413 722 740




Before and After

This 1958 Gibson ES-125 had a broken truss rod at the extreme end as well as a shattered dovetail...

Broken truss rod... 

Fingerboard off!

Broken dovetail - Nasty!

New dovetail grafted into heel,

New truss rod installed,

Fingerboard back on.

Neck set into place,

Looks a bit rough,

Bit of a touch up with Nitro..

Much better,

Looks just like the original.

Good as new!



Terms and Conditions

All repairs and other services (“the services”) provided by Mumford Guitars(“we” or “us”) are provided subject to these terms and conditions.  By engaging our services, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

1.                   All repairs are strictly C.O.D, by cash or direct bank deposit only.  We do not accept cheques. EFTPOS is available but an additional 2% fee applies.

2.                   We reserve the right to maintain a possessory lien over all goods booked in for service and/or refuse to perform any further services for you until all outstanding amounts have been paid.

3.                   We reserve the right to charge interest on all amounts remaining outstanding 30 days after the due date for payment of same, such interest to accrue at the rate set down pursuant to s.2 of the Penalty Interest Rates Act 1983 (Vic).

4.                   A minimum service fee of $50 applies to all items booked in for service.

5.                   For any service an estimate of costs will be provided if the cost of the service is anticipated to exceed $200. If the repair is declined once it has been quoted, a minimum service fee applies.  If we anticipate that the cost of the service will be below $200 the service will be performed without an estimate being provided.

6.                   If a written quotation is requested, a quotation fee of $60 is applicable and payable in advance.  If the quotation is accepted, this fee is deducted from the total repair cost.

7.                   Items not collected within 30 days of notification of completion will incur a storage fee of $3 per day.  If the items are not collected within 120 days of notification, then we will be entitled to treat the items as being abandoned in which case we will sell the items and apply the proceeds of sale against all amounts owed by you to us including the costs of the sale.

8.                   All items are transported to and from and left on our premises at your risk and we will have no liability therefor.  You hereby indemnify us against and loss or damage caused to us or any third party in connection with the possession of the items by us, except to the extent that such loss or damage is directly caused by our gross negligence or wilful default.

9.                   To the maximum extent permitted by law:

a.                   All conditions and warranties, which are or may otherwise be implied in relation to the provision of the services, are excluded and negated.

b.                   Except as expressly provided herein, we shall not be liable to you for any liability (including any liability in negligence) loss or damage of whatsoever nature, consequential or otherwise, howsoever arising, to you or any third party caused or resulting directly or indirectly from the supply of the services by us hereunder.

c.                    You hereby agree to release and indemnify us against any liability arising out of your use of the goods serviced by us, except in circumstances where such liability arises directly from our gross negligence or willful default.

d.                   The only conditions and warranties which are binding on us in respect of the state, quality or condition of the services supplied to you are those imposed and required to be binding by statute and to the extent permitted thereby our liability, if any, arising from breach of such conditions or warranties shall, to the full extent permissible by law and at our option, be limited to and be completely discharged by one or more of the following:

i.                     The re-supply of the services; or

ii.                    The payment of the costs of having the services re-supplied;

and otherwise all other conditions and warranties whether express or implied by law in respect of the state, quality or condition of the services which may apart from this clause be binding on us are hereby expressly excluded and negated.

We shall only consider any claims by you in relation to the services supplied if made in writing and received by Mumford Guitars within seven days of the date of delivery of the serviced items to you.